Although your dog or cat’s behavior problems all require custom solutions, I am certain the struggles you’re having to create a happy home life with them are not unique. See if any of these situations sound familiar:

~ Your dog is not trusting and aggressive towards strangers and does not tolerate people visiting your home. Its’ gotten so bad you can’t have people over.

~ Your cat is attacking someone in your home. He jumps on him, scratches him on the face, bites him on the ankles and hands.

~ You dread taking your dog for walks because when he sees another dog he growls, barks and lunges. It’s embarrassing and hard to control.

~ Your dog is aggressive around food, will growl and bite when food or a bone is present if a person gets too close to him.

~ Your recently adopted cat bullies your other cats. Not only do they fight, one is now spraying. The kitty who is bullied is too nervous to leave the bedroom even when your new cat is locked up.

~ Your dog is fearful and timid. She crouches, urinates and shakes when people try to pet her. When you try to put her leash on and off she is terrified. Nail clipping is impossible.

~ Your cat is urinating or defecating outside the litter box and spraying as well. He has urinated in almost every room in house. He has also sprayed everywhere, even right in front of you. He poops in the sink and has urinated on your bed!

~ Your dogs are fighting with each other. Episodes are increasing in frequency. Both have had injuries requiring medical attention. They just can’t seem to get along.

~ Your cats are fighting with each other. You are finding this so stressful. They used to get along so well. Will they ever love each other again?

~ Your dog can’t be left alone. He is destructive, urinates and barks incessantly.You can’t leave the house without bringing other people in to baby sit the dog.

~ Your dog urine marks in the house. He growls, scratches the ground and marks when he sees other dogs through the windows.

If you find yourself falling into one of these or similar situations I can help you…but you play an important role in your Pet’s recovery.

My approach will work for you and your pet if you have the following values:


Behavior problems worsen and become more difficult to treat the longer you wait. Give your pet the best chance for success. MsBehaving can help!